Hot Box Enclosures (CA07145E)

Anchor Installation & Specification PEZ Anchor Kit: „ Used on HDPE PEZ, Plastic PolyRok® and Aluminum AEZ1S and AEZ2S Enclosures.

Installation Guides

Installation: 1. Locate the brackets. Mark and drill 5/32” diameter holes x 3” deep with the supplied bit.

2. Attach the brackets with the supplied concrete screws. Screws will be hidden under the flange of the enclosure.

Drive Anchor Kit: „ Used on Vent Guard® and Valve Cover™ Enclosures.

Note: Anchor quantity is typically four per enclosure.

Installation: 1. Locate the holes in the flange. Mark and drill 1/4” diameter holes x 2 1/2” deep with the supplied bit.

2. Place the anchor through the enclosure flange and into the drilled hole, then hit with a hammer.

Warning! A ground fault circuit interrupting device shall be installed in the electrical supply circuit to the heater(s). Failure to do so may result in injury or death. The interior of this enclosure can be a damp location. Contractors other than Hot Box® are responsible for the installation of the G.F.I. protected service and receptacles (ref. UL 943, NEMA 3R). When multiple heaters are required it is recommended that each heater be on a separate 20 amp circuit. Separate circuits help provide redundancy in the event that one circuit fails. Consult local and national codes for electrical connections. 61

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