2022 Curated Collection Guide

2022 Curated Collection Guide



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Coastal Cottagecore New Traditional Modern Farmhouse Luxe Industrial Modern Transitional Mid-Century Modern Outdoor Living

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Progress Lighting features artistic influence, fashion forward elements and unique details that contribute to livable luxury living for the home. We hope our Curated Collection Guide helps you find the right fixture for your lighting space.


Featured products by Progress Lighting Design Series™ Featured products by guest designer, Jeffrey Alan Marks; Point Dume TM Collection

coastal bathroom design

COASTAL Bring your home right to the ocean side with beach-inspired accents, organic furnishings and an overall relaxed feel.

Aiken P300321-009

Belva P250068-151-WB

Melissa Olson Cottage & Key Homes

Austin, TX

"Coastal means soft warmth and textures. The color palette is neutral, light, and airy. We like to add a little pattern in these spaces to give them life."

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Chastain P500343-185

Aiken P300321-009 Brushed Nickel 14.62” W. x 9.87” ht. Point Dume™ - Surfrider P500200-162 Maliblue 24.87” dia. x 26.5” ht. Chastain P500343-185 Bleached Oak 14” dia. x 17.25” ht. Leyden P400202-009 Brushed Nickel 22.37” dia. x 20” ht. Kasota P250072-152-30 Painted Nickel 56” dia. x 15” ht. Belva P250068-151-WB Cottage White 25.25” dia. x 17.87” ht. Gables P560088-028 Satin White 7.5” W. x 14.12” ht.

Point Dume™ - Surfrider P500200-162

Artisanal Style

Airy Frame

Gables P560088-028

Leyden P400202-009

Point Dume™ - Hook Pond P550117-192

Point Dume™ - Hook Pond P550117-192 Shelter White 16.13” W. x 28.56” ht. Eva P350217-164 Coastal Blue 7.37” dia. x 4.5” ht.

Handcrafted Artistry

Beach-inspired Details

Belva P250068-151-WB

Kasota P250072-152-30

Eva P350217-164

Aiken P300321-009

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Cottagecore embraces the countryside, the beauty of nature, and living simply and sustainably. Interiors contain vintage and antique pieces, romantic floral patterns, and natural materials.

Bonita P710018-031

core bathroom design

Lavelle P350183-031

"Cottagecore is a great mixture of modern farmhouse and antique collective. Our design studio loves incorporating old and new pieces while maintaining the traditional feel. This helps

to curate that classic, transitional design."

Melissa Olson Cottage & Key Homes Austin, TX

Progress Lighting Curate d Collections


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Mariposa P500415-168

Calais P300361-163 Vintage Brass 14.62” W. x 8.5” ht. Hinton P710095-163 Vintage Brass 8.25” W. x 14.37” ht. Terrazzo P500313-175 Distressed Brass 10” dia. x 9.37” ht. Hinton P500324-163 Vintage Brass 12” dia. x 12.5” ht. Mariposa P500415-168 Antique Gold 28” dia. x 20” ht. Farris P250002-009-30 Brushed Nickel 60” dia. x 15.5” ht. Williamston P560265-103 Antique Pewter 6” W. x 14.25” ht. Aiken P350214-163 Vintage Brass 9” dia. x 9” ht. Lavelle P350183-031 Matte Black 15.62” dia. x 14.37” ht.

Hinton P500324-163

Delicate Leaves

Williamston P560265-103

Aiken P350214-163

Organic Feel

Lightly Distressed Finish

Terrazzo P500313-175

Lavelle P350183-031

Hinton P710095-163

Calais P300361-163

Antique Gold

Farris P250002-009-30

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New Traditional spaces are timeless with elegant additions that offer a little fun and youthfulness to keep the design fresh. Clean, uncluttered spaces make a significant style impact.

Saffert P500357-163

Metro P710016-012

Amie Freling Brown Meme Hill Studio Rochester, NY

"As a designer who can appreciate just about every style, I am always drawn back to a traditionally-designed space. Clean lines with the attention to detail and classic silhouettes with modern, up-to-date twists keep things fresh and timeless."

Progress Lighting Curate d Collections


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Bonita P400227-031

Elara P300357-163 Vintage Brass 12.5” W. x 11.5” ht. Metro P710016-012 Satin Brass 5.5” W. x 15.12” ht. Elara P500363-163 Vintage Brass 15” dia. x 31.37” ht. Saffert P500357-163 Vintage Brass 22” dia. x 30” ht. Parkhurst P400300-009 Brushed Nickel 42” W. x 15.12” ht. Bonita P400227-031 Matte Black 30.5” dia. x 24” ht. Carrollwood P250074-030-30 White 56” dia. x 18” ht. Chilton P560314-031 Textured Black 8.87” W. x 17.75” ht. Kellwyn P400250-031 Matte Black 16” dia. x 14” ht.

Formal Elegance

Carrollwood P250074-030-30

Drum Shades

Metro P710016-012

Elara P500363-163

Elegantly Curved Arms

Parkhurst P400300-009

Saffert P500357-163

Kellwyn P400250-031

Clean Lines

Elara P300357-163

Chilton P560314-031

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Stockbrace P400243-031

The Modern Farmhouse trend is refreshed with clean and simple lines, a neutral palette, black finishes and a clear glass for a modern edge.

Possibilities for Design Doris Pearlman Maryem Pierce Denver, CO

"Modern Farmhouse exemplifies and brings to life Hygge: a Scandinavian design trend that blends texture, fabrics, and surfaces with upbeat, clean-lined furniture and furnishing."

Progress Lighting Curate d Collections


All images are property of their respective brand.


Stockbrace P400243-031

Galloway P500378-31M

Ambrose P300376-31M Matte Black 29” W. x 7.88” ht. Conway P300296-009 Brushed Nickel 15” W. x 8.25” ht. Kellwyn P500314-031 Matte Black 5” dia. x 8.87” ht. Galloway P500378-31M Matte Black 24” dia. x 30.87” ht. Stockbrace P400243-031 Matte Black 24” dia. x 22.5” ht. Kaysville P250003-081-30 Antique Nickel 56” dia. x 17.25” ht. Whitmire P560282-31M Matte Black 7.37” W. x 14.5” ht. Singleton P300395-009 Brushed Nickel 7.62” W. x 8” ht. Rushton P350205-009 Brushed Nickel 12” dia. x 6.87” ht.

Kellwyn P500314-031

Angular Frame

Rushton P350205-009

Kaysville P250003-081-30

Stately Form

Lightly Distressed Finish

Singleton P300395-009

Clear Glass

Ambrose P300376-31M

Conway P300296-009

Whitmire P560282-31M

Progress Lighting Curate d Collections



Parkhurst P500368-109

Luxe Industrial merges luxury elements with the core features of Urban Industrial design, adding elegance and sophistication to interiors.

Cahill P300108-109

Jayme Fridley Fridley Homes

Salem, OR

"The Luxe Industrial style often mixes concrete, iron, wood, and moody colors– many things you'd find in a cool, historic factory. We make it luxe by using minimalist fixtures and elevated metals."

Progress Lighting Curate d Collections


All images are property of their respective brand.


Saffert P400299-31M

Cahill P300108-109 Brushed Bronze 4.5” W. x 19.68” ht. Dalton P300382-163 Vintage Brass 14.75” W. x 9” ht. Clarion P500242-104 Polished Nickel 10.5” dia. x 15.87” ht. Parkhurst P500368-109 Brushed Bronze 17.87” dia. x 15.25” ht. Lowery P500330-031 Textured Black 26” dia. x 20” ht. Saffert P400299-31M Matte Black 29.38” dia. x 22.5” ht. Union Square P560005-135 Stainless Steel 7.87” W. x 19.37” ht. Astra P350225-012 Satin Brass 18” dia. x 5.12” ht. Point Dume™ - Sandbar P350141-160 Brushed Brass 15.12” dia. x 14.87” ht. Gaze P2554-3130K Matte Black 60” dia. x 13.13” ht.

Substantial Scale

Beam-style Frame

Dalton P300382-163

Point Dume™ - Sandbar P350141-160

Clarion P500242-104

Lowery P500330-031

Bold Form

Cahill P300108-109

Parkhurst P500368-109

Gaze P2554-3130K

Union Square P560005-135

Elevated Metals

Progress Lighting Curate d Collections


Modern interiors showcase sleek design through the use of neutrals, a minimalism approach, glass décor and technology. MODERN

Lorin P500365-31M

"Often in modern design, you see clean lines, natural woods, geometric patterns, shiny metals, smooth surfaces, and a few curves. The style incorporates minimal elements that are innovative and natural, yet clean.

Dallas, TX Kyndra Outlaw Atmospheric Home Staging

Progress Lighting Curate d Collections


All images are property of their respective brand.


Pivot LED P400261-031-30

Clarion P300300-031 Matte Black 20.37” W. x 5” ht. Cowan P300371-009 Brushed Nickel 33.5” W. x 8.5” ht. Spoke LED P500318-009-30 Brushed Nickel 17.72” dia. x 6.5” ht. Pivot LED P400261-031-30 Black 40” dia. x 10.06” ht. Geodesic LED P500320-031-30 Matte Black 27.1” dia. x 12.3” ht. Braden P250058-028-30 Satin White 44” dia. x 9.81” ht. Z-1030 LED P560056-031-30 Textured Black 5.12” W. x 20” ht. Perimeter P350200-031 Matte Black 12” sq. x 4.5” ht. Quadrant LED P350209-031-30 Matte Black 20.06” dia. x 4” ht.

Braden P250058-028-30

Angled Arms

Architectural Form

Z-1030 LED P560056-031-30

Quadrant LED P350209-031-30

Modern Design

Geodesic LED P500320-031-30

Perimeter P350200-031

Cowan P300371-009

Clarion P300300-031

Spoke LED P500318-009-30

Sleek Design

Progress Lighting Curate d Collections



Chadwick P500274-009

The Transitional home maintains the warmth of Traditional with the brightness of Contemporary trends.

Kristen Rockwood Studio 7 Interior Design

Salt Lake City, UT

"The term 'transitional design' is often used by interior designers to reflect a room's meshing of modern and traditional elements–essentially, combining two styles in one space, resulting in a cohesive design."

Progress Lighting Curate d Collections


All images are property of their respective brand.


Parkhurst P400297-009

Riley P300278-009 Brushed Nickel 25.25” W. x 8.25” ht. Atwell P500309-031 Matte Black 8” dia. x 8.75” ht. Chadwick P500274-009 Brushed Nickel 10.5” dia. x 14.75” ht. Parkhurst P400297-009 Brushed Nickel 30” dia. x 14” ht. Kellwyn P400251-031 Matte Black 23” dia. x 24.37” ht. Ryne P250060-031-30 Black 52” dia. x 13.5” ht. Stature P560268-031 Oil Rubbed Bronze 8” W. x 16” ht. Walcott P560287-020 Antique Bronze 8.25” W. x 20” ht. Adley P350213-31M Matte Black 8.62” dia. x 7.37” ht. Inspire P350129-012 Satin Brass 13” dia. x 10.12” ht.

Ryne P250060-031-30

Atwell P500309-031

Elegant Style

Graceful Curves

Chadwick P500274-009

Adley P350213-31M

Softly Structured Design

Riley P300278-009

Kellwyn P400251-031

Stature P560268-031

Walcott P560287-020

Simple Form

Progress Lighting Curate d Collections



Quirky and functional, this style gets its flair from its modern yet retro juxtaposition.

Thorpe P400270-012

Piper Stromatt Boutique Living by Curate Chattanooga, TN

"My personal spin on Mid-Century Modern incorporates mixing metals, luxury elements such as the waterfall island, and sleek, clean lines."

All images are property of their respective brand.


Thorpe P400270-012

Elevate P300022-031 Matte Black 24.75” W. x 7.5” ht. Pearl LED P710105-012-30 Satin Brass 5.75” W. x 12.06” ht. Lorin P500365-31M Matte Black 18” dia. x 16” ht. Delayne P500359-31M Matte Black 16.12” dia. x 21.62” ht. Astra P400109-012 Satin Brass 42.37” dia. x 19.62” ht. Thorpe P400270-012 Satin Brass 27.62” dia. x 23.87” ht. Arlo P250026-031-30 Black 60” dia. x 18.57” ht. Exton P560273-031 Textured Black 9.12” W. x 12” ht. Delayne P350219-109 Brushed Bronze 16” dia. x 5.62” ht.

Delayne P500359-31M

Lorin P500365-31M

Space-Age Inspired

Elevate P300022-031

Dynamic Flair

Delayne P350219-109

Astra P400109-012

Asymmetrical Design

Arlo P250026-031-30

Quirky Details

Exton P560274-031

Pearl LED P710105-012-30

Progress Lighting Curate d Collections



Outdoor spaces become an extension of the home's interior with lighting, furniture, and décor that takes all the comfort, style, and quality of inside designs to the outside.

Outdoor spaces are curated just like indoor rooms, with seating, cooking and serving stations, arranged in floor plans. Wicker and rattan have long been outdoor furnishing favorites due to their durability and style: now, these materials make their way into lighting designs that offer a casual, light and breezy feeling.

Kasota P250072-108-30

Progress Lighting Curate d Collections


All images are property of their respective brand.


Pembroke P550127-31M

Point Dume™ - Dunemere P560303-141 Galvanized Finish 6.62” W. x 14” ht. District P5622-20 Antique Bronze 8” W. x 8.25” ht. Pawley P550083-141 Galvanized Finish 12” dia. x 16” ht. Pembroke P550127-31M Matte Black 20” dia. x 21.5” ht. Point Dume™ - Shadmore P550118-141 Galvanized Finish 26” W. x 31.25” ht. Kasota P250072-143-30 Graphite 56” dia. x 15” ht. Swansea P550130-31M Matte Black 24” dia. x 23” ht. Watch Hill P550110-031 Textured Black 8.5” dia. x 11.62” ht. Weldon P550042-031 Textured Black 10.75” dia. x 4.5” ht.

Point Dume™ - Shadmore P550118-141

Warm Glow

Pawley P550083-141

Watch Hill P550110-031

Classic Design

Handcrafted Gallery

Point Dume™ - Dunemere P560303-141

Kasota P250072-143-30

Swansea P550130-31M

District P5622-20

Rattan Detailing

Weldon P550042-031

Progress Lighting Curate d Collections



Learn how lighting can totally transform a space. Experience Progress features beautiful room images from our builder partners, design firms, social media fans and influencers bringing the Progress Lighting story to life. By working together, we’re furthering a vision of providing whole home


solutions to those who are seeking inspiration. Visit progresslighting.com/experienceprogress.




These three words define the mission of Progress Lighting. Flip through our curated collection, and you’ll quickly see how we equip you with the education to make all your exciting design dreams come true. Whether you’re looking for the latest and greatest trends or some tried-and-true pieces, you’ll find the just-right lighting choices to illuminate the special moments in your life. Not sure where to start? Whether you’re browsing our catalog or visiting our website, Progress is at your service to help you envision where and how to use our products.

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Explore our blog for even more design inspiration, product integration and trend guidance to make your home into a haven of livable luxury. See progresslighting.com/blog.

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