Traffic Signal Cabinet Bases (HECI-T)

Features – A Distinct Advantage


With stronger, more cost-efficient equipment, Hubbell Traffic Signal Cabinet Bases offer a num- ber of advantages over competitors’ products made of conventional materials. Hubbell materials are stronger, weigh less, more corrosion resistant, better able to withstand freeze thaw cycles, and easier to handle. These are the hallmarks of Hubbell’s Traffic Signal Cabinet Bases. • Lightweight – 1/10 to 1/3 the weight of concrete • High Strength – Compressive, flexural and tensile strengths three to five times that of tradi- tional concrete • Cost-Effective – Easy to handle, no special equipment required to install. Outperforms conven- tional materials for longer service and lower life cycle costs • Stable Under Freeze/Thaw Conditions • Impact Resistant – Tested per ASTM D-2444 • Low in Water Absorption – Less than 1% per ASTM D-570 • Chemical, Corrosion, and UV Resistant – Resistant to alkalines, acids, weathering, and other forms of deterioration • Nonflammable – Will not support combustion • Nonconductive – No grounding required

One Stop – Product Breadth

By utilizing an array of designs, materials, and sizes, Hubbell has developed a comprehensive product offering tailored to your current and future needs. We can provide traffic signal bases for virtually any piece of equipment.

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