Tips & News - January 2012


Multiple Advantages for GVEC GVEC faces some challenges that big utilities do not have to worry about, and the BP3 really helps us. • No Need for Another Pole Many electric utilities install their electric infrastructure in highway rights of way. They can add poles and equipment as needed. GVEC, on the other hand, works diligently to place our electric facilities on private property, which can make it more difficult to add poles. The BP3 can easily be installed on an existing pole. • Meets Visible Opening Requirement

The BP3 switches are important to us because as electronic reclosers take the place of air brake switches, we need some way to isolate the recloser. The recloser contacts are internal: We cannot have our men working on a line without visible openings. The BP3 isolation/switch provides that visible opening. • Improved Circuit Protection Sectionalizing In the old days, we used motorized air brake switches as isolation points on mainline feeders. We could open them remotely, but they did not provide any circuit protection. We are currently installing electronic reclosers where two feeders meet. With the BP3, we can have the best of two worlds; circuit protection and the ability to isolate. • Better Outage Management Another consideration is that most of our servicemen work out of a pickup truck. A bucket truck might not be readily available. The BP3 design allows us to work all switches from the ground with hot-line tools. We do not have to wait for a bucket truck to remove jumpers. This is a big advantage because it reduces our outage times and requires fewer men and vehicles. • Simplified Engineering The BP3 switches simplify the engineering design. It is much easier to design a configuration with one three-phase BP3 than it is to design something with nine single-phase switches. • Quick Isolation of Failed Recloser One of the things that is driving us to use the BP3 is the need to isolate a recloser that may have failed. • Easier Recloser Maintenance Another benefit is recloser maintenance. In a matter of literally seconds – maybe 60 seconds – I can by-pass all three reclosers. It’s game-changing. Now, linemen can isolate the reclosers, ground the tops and begin work. • Reduces Cost and Work Hubbell’s BP3 switch comes ready to install, and we have replaced our old construction technique in favor of it. Our other option would require a crew to assemble six 10-foot cross arms, nine double-arming bolts and nine 600-amp hook-stick switches. Considering all of the benefits, the BP3 gives us the results we want. Not only will it will lower construction costs and simplify future maintenance, but the BP3 also helps us take care of our members because we can restore service in a timely manner.


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