Tips & News - December 2013

Tips & News - December 2013

Vol. 17 No. 4 | december 2013 www. hubbe l l powe r s y s t ems . com ENDURING PRODUCTS AND PEOPLE YOU CAN DEPEND ON. TIPS NEWS

In this issue: PCORE ® Engineering Checklists | Employee Engagement | Trinetics ® SmartClose


hps distributor training 2014

Join Hubbell Power Systems in support of sustainable business practices. Sign up for electronic statements, electronic invoices, and ACH payments. Call us at 573.682.8508 or 573.682.8816 or simply visit and start making a difference today. with hubbell power systems Electronic invoicing Go Green

DT201 "Hands-On" Distributor Training April 29 - May 1, 2014 • Leeds, AL

This course is designed for those who have experience with, and a solid understanding of, utility products or else have completed DT151.

DT151 "Hands-On" Distributor Training June 17 - 19, 2014 • Centralia, MO

This course is designed for Distributors who are new to the electric utility business or newtoHPS products and services. TheCentralia, MO location offers a unique opportunity tomeet HPS Customer Service.

DT201 "Hands-On" Distributor Training September 16 - 18, 2014 • Aiken, SC

This course is designed for those who have experience with, and a solid understanding of, utility products or else have completed DT151.

Due to limited seating, please do not make travel arrangements until notified by HPS that you have been accepted to attend. Registration closes when the class is full or seven (7) weeks prior to the training, whichever comes first.

For class description and to register, visit

digital Literature Did you know that HPS literature is also available electronically? Visit hubbellpowersystems.comand check out our Resource section to download catalogs and literature directly to your computer!

Quazite® Catalog now available in SPANISH The digital version of the new Spanish edition Quazite Underground Enclosure Catalog, QZ-1B-S, can be downloaded from the HPS website. Visit and check theWhat's New section.


upcoming shows Jan 28-30 DistribuTech (DTECH) | San Antonio, TX | Booth # 725 Feb 2-6 Bld. Ind. Cons. Serv. Int'l (BICSI) | Orlando, FL | Booth # 919 Mar 3-5 Tech Advantage (NRECA) | Nashville, TN | Booth # 625




to include armor rods hps expands its formed wire offering

production • EHV rated, made to order • Inventory available for popular sizes • Sample orders welcomed

Industry Competitive • Price, quality and lead time • Look, feel and function • ACSR/ACSS; ACSR/ACSS TW; AAC, AAAC; ACAR

For more information, contact your territory manager



checklists for abnormal power factor test results in the field

by PCORE ® Engineering


Always be sure - The test set works fine - The test set-up is correct - All groundings are proper - There are no sharp wire strands sticking up in the energized test circuit that could cause corona - Not to test a bushing in the crate - Do not use a sling or rope around bushing insulation during the tests If you have significantly higher C1 power factor values during C1 UST test If the bushing under test is H1, and the test is performed with the bushing in the transformer, - Connect all HV bushings (H1, H2, H3) together to the voltage source of the test set - If neutral H0 exists, unground H0 and connect it to H1 as well as H2 and H3 - Connect all LV bushings (X1, X2, X3, and X0 if exists) together to the ground - All voltage/test tap covers should be closed except for H1 - H1 bushing flange must be directly grounded through the “guard” or ground lead. Remove painting or rust at connecting point on the flange if necessary - Make sure the transformer oil is clean - Clean & dry the bushing insulation surface If you have significantly lower or negative C1 power factor values during C1 UST test - Make sure the transformer oil is clean, if tested in transformer - Clean & dry the bushing insulation surface The following points (4 and 5) for C2 tests are applicable ONLY to the bushings rated 115 kV and above,[ which are equipped with voltage taps per IEEE standard. Electro Composites SDC bushings rated 115kV and above are supplied with capacitance taps, not voltage taps, and therefore points 4 and 5 do not apply. Experiencing differences in your test results? All PCORE and Electro Composites bushings are routinely tested in the factory and the power factor results are put on bushing nameplates. It is not uncommon to see the power factor test results in the field are slightly different from the nameplate values. It is mainly caused by the differences in the test sets and the testing environment. However, a significant difference may indicate some testing issues in the field. The users may see significantly higher or lower values of either C1 or C2 power factors than the bushing nameplate values. Below are the checklists we recommend for the users to eliminate any testing issues: 1




If you have significantly higher C2 power factor values during C2 GST test - If the bushing is tested in the transformer, try to isolate the bushing flange from transformer tank - Make sure the transformer oil is clean, if tested in transformer

- Clean & dry the bushing voltage tap area - Clean & dry the bushing porcelain surface


If you have significantly lower or negative C2 power factor values during C2 GST test - Clean & dry the bushing porcelain surface - Make sure the transformer oil is clean

For more information, visit the HPS website and the following paper by, S. Zhang, “Analysis of some measurement issues in bushing power factor tests in the field,” IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery , vol. 21, no. 3, pp. 1350-1356, July 2006.



animal catcher

pole protector surface guard

crossarm link stick

5H ball stud grounding system

full range conductor gauge

low-voltage rubber gloves

New Tools & Grounding Equipment

To request a tool demonstration, contact your territory manager.


High Voltage Leather Protectors • Cowhide - durable and flexible • Hi-visibility polymeric/leather cuff • Nylon Strap with non-metallic buckle • Note: 16” fit straight and contour gloves



Low Voltage Leather Protectors • Goatskin-soft, flexible, strong • Nylon strap with non-metallic buckle • Note: 13” have polymeric/leather cuff



chance ® i ntroduc i ng Leather protectors



Patricia Morrison, Legal Council

Bill Tolley, President

Ken Carlson, VP Global Sales & Marketing Services

Tom Rodgers, VP Human Resources

Mark Mikes, Division VP

Bill Haines, Division VP

Neil Vandermeulen, VP Business Development & Pricing

Kevin Potts, VP Finance

Gerben Bakker, Division VP

Gary Daviau, VP Enterprise Strategic Manufacturing

clever is the New Smart Hubbell Power Systems is redefining smart with products like the Trinetics ® SmartClose, the 3-phase Synchronous Close Vacuum Capacitor Switch. The following installation instructions provide a look at how clever it is.

The equipment covered by these installation instructions should be installed and serviced only by properly trained and qualified personnel. It is not the intent of these instructions to provide for every possible condition in connection with installation, operation or maintenance, nor to cover all details or variations in equipment options. Should problems arise which are not sufficiently covered herein or should further information be required, the matter should be directed to Hubbell Power Systems, Inc.

the maintenance personnel have established that the visible disconnects are open and the portion of the circuit to be worked on is grounded. Refer to local Codes & Practices for specific component requirements. A five-pin receptacle is included for switch operation, and a six-pin receptacle is included for switch status. These receptacles can mate with five-pin and six-pin molded (or metal) connectors, respectively. The 5-pin mating cable and connector includes a six-foot 14/5 SO cable, reference Trinetics part number 33124102. The metal plug is an ITT/ Cannon connector, part number CA06R18-12SF42 or equivalent, which meets the MIL-C-5015 specification. Alternate receptacle configurations are available from Trinetics. SmartClose switches may be mounted directly to a pole, structure, or cross arm. Contact Hubbell/Trinetics for more details when pole or cross arm mounting is required. 3-Phase SmartClose, 200A & 400A Models The three-phase, 200A & 400A SmartClose switches are provided with 2-hole NEMA tin plated bronze terminals on each bushing. Each pole operates independently; each vacuum switch can be opened or closed electrically or by manual lever. Separate opening and closing solenoids provide ideal vacuum interrupter contact motion through a rotating cam. The proprietary cam curve provides excellent weld break capability as well as improved vacuum bellows life. The mechanism utilizes sealed ball bearings to provide more than 50,000 open and 50,000 close operations. A spring latches the mechanism in either position, and also provides the toggle action. The mechanism is sealed in a corrosion resistant powder painted steel tank with zinc rich primer. Operation 40 to 150 VAC OR VDC close or open commands should have a minimum pulse duration of 100ms. The maximum pulse duration is unlimited; inputs are opto-isolated with 50k ohm impedance. An open command takes precedence over a close command. Open and Close signals, common, neutral, and 120V for SmartClose are supplied via a 5-pin receptacle. bank controls and systems that send a command signal when the capacitor bank should be switched. The synchronous close logic imbedded in the SmartClose mechanism tank receives

SmartClose Ratings: 3-ph, 15kV, 110kV BIL, 200A 3-ph, 15kV, 110kV BIL, 400A 3-ph, 24kV, 125kV BIL, 200A 3-ph, 24kV, 125kV BIL, 400A

Introduction SmartClose is derived from the UltraVac vacuum switch, a solid dielectric single pole device designed in conformance with ANSI Standard C37.66. Using this maintenance free technology, SmartClose is a completely integrated synchronous (or zero voltage) closing system making it compatible with nearly all existing capacitor bank control schemes. Integral to the switch are six voltage sensors and an onboard actuator to provide zero voltage closing. Each pole of the 3-phase SmartClose switch is constructed from a high performance vacuum interrupter fully encapsulated within a solid dielectric cycloaliphatic epoxy. AC power and a close signal from the capacitor bank control are the only external inputs required to provide point on wave closing in almost any capacitor switching application. The SmartClose is available in a single body, 3-pole configuration, for use in synchronous close/zero voltage close, switched capacitor bank applications. The SmartClose synchronous closing design has been tested to reliably provide accurate closes to within 800 millionths of a second ( +17 degrees). Installation Air-break isolating switches must be installed on the supply side of vacuumswitches to provide a visible disconnect. Cutouts or fused disconnects are normally used for this purpose. Maintenance work should be undertaken only after

SmartClose is designed for compatibility with legacy capacitor the close command and implements the synchronous close. A 5-minute close inhibit timer and a loss of LV supply trip function are also imbedded and can be optionally activated prior to installation. The time to open the switch, measured from the time the signal is applied until the end of the open until the end of the open operation, is typically 65ms. The total time to close includes a wait time between each phase and is typically calculated as follows: 80ms: receive external close command

In 3-phase ungroundedwye/delta applications, the Trinetics SmartClose has a simultaneous opening voltage rating. In non-synchronous open operations, typical operation time from the first pole to break to the third pole is 65ms. Contacts SmartClose has several distinct advantages: solid dielectric (nooil orgas), compact size, highreliabilityandvacuuminterrupter technology resulting inmaintenance-freeoperation. Thedesignof the interrupter is conceptually simple: two separable contacts within an evacuated envelope. In practice, the design is quite complex, involving carefully selected contact materials, contact configurations and selection of envelope materials integrated with assembly, joining, and vacuum processing techniques. Synchronous Components SmartClose is designed considering the total site requirements for synchronous close capacitor switching. As such, several components are integrated in its design for that purpose. The standard configuration includes: • An imbedded CPU that controls the synchronous closing function. • Six integral voltage sensors; each pole has one internal and one tank mounted external sensor; these sensors auto detect system parameters critical to proper waveform switching. • A constant current supply that compensates for temperature variations in key switch and drive system components. • Fiber optic diagnostic port provide access to waveform capture files for downloading and analysis. This allows performance verification without the need for externally supplied high speed recording equipment. • Easy receptacle interface for connection to legacy capacitor bank control systems, to eliminate the need to retrain personnel on a new cap bank controller.

25ms: apply command and close the first pole 125ms: wait before next phase command is issued 25ms: apply command and close the second pole 125ms: wait before final phase command is issued 25ms: apply command and close the final pole 405ms: Total time to close for all phases

Internal micro-switches provide positive feedback when the switch mechanisms are in either the fully opened or the fully closed position. A separate 4-wire 6 pin receptacle is provided for this purpose. Pin A and Pin B terminate the series connected FormA contacts fromeachmechanism; all polesmust be closed for continuity on Pin A and Pin B. Pin C and Pin D terminate the series connected Form B contacts from each mechanism. All poles must be open for continuity on Pin C and Pin D. Nominal operating requirements are 120VAC, with 8A rms during close, 24A rms during open operations. Maximum acceptable supply range is 104 to 138VAC, 60Hz; 50Hz compatibility is optionally available. The LV power supply should not be rated less than 1kVA, 2% impedance. Quiescent power consumption is 5 Watts. Allow 30S for power supply at start up. A separate 2 pin receptacle for AC power direct to SmartClose is optionally available. Minimum switch cable wire is 14AWG based on NEC Table 310.16 for 60C rating for operating current of 12-14A, or 20A with a temperature correction factor of 0.71 (14.2A).


Fiber Optic Connections The SmartClose fiber optic interface is accessible via a separate NEMA 4 junction box. The removable 1/8” Stainless Steel gland cover plate is secured with #10-32 (6) nuts and accessed with 3/8” wrench. The user can attach flexible conduit to the cover plate with suitable hardware as deemed necessary. 2 plates are supplied to accommodate either “D” below should be 3/4” or 1” conduit. This compartment contains the fiber optic interface for downloading thewaveforms used in verifying the accuracy of the synchronous close. The interface consists of a 12” length of fiber optic cable pair, terminated with two (2) versatile, Type V, snap-on AVAGO HFBR-4501/45 simplex connectors. Also includes two (2) AVAGO HFBR-4505/4515 bulk head connectors in the junction box. A fiber optic to USB adapter is available through Trinetics. The interface software and adapter instructions are available on the Trinetics website or fromyour local HPS representative. Alternatively, a SEL-2800 RS-232 to fiber optics adapter can be sourced separately if or when conversion to RS-232 is appropriate.

Configurable Setpoints: Software selectable setpoints can be activated or deactivated using the configuration software during installation and setup: • A 5-minute close inhibit timer: This timer initiates after an open command and blocks all electrical close commands until the 5-minute minimum capacitor discharge time has elapsed. The default status is deactivated. • A loss of LV supply trip: When activated, this feature detects a loss of the 120V supply (for 0.1 sec) and issues an open command to SmartClose. The supply loss is interpreted as an outage due to a protective device operation to isolate a fault. The intent is to prevent bank inrush that can occur during repetitive close operations of the protecting breaker or recloser. The default status is activated. • Waveform automatic download: From the configuration software, the user may download waveforms to verify the accuracy of the each synchronous close operation. Using a PC, each wave form can be manually retrieved,

or the waveforms can be configured for automatic retrieval after each operation. The default status is manual download.

Mounting position Options:

• The SmartClose is normally calibrated for zero voltage close in a vertical position. • A horizontal mounting position can be specified during order entry. • Proper zero voltage closing calibration at the factory requires knowledge of how the device is mounted. Mounting the device horizontally increases the speed of the closing due to less gravity acting on the mechanism, operating rod, and vacuum interrupter contacts. The high precision of this device requires this to be accounted for during calibration.

The SmartClose fiber optic interface is accessible via a separate NEMA 4 junction box.

Contact your Territory Manager for more details



All together Now

Enduring products and people you can depend on. That's our promise – a commitment our employees live up to every day. So keeping the HPS family motivated is serious business. Over the years, our HPS Management teams have cultivated a spirit of employee engagement by celebrating milestone achievements, recognizing safe work practices, and respecting the effort they dedicate to delivering quality in everything they do. The benefit of engaging employees has been well documented by independent studies over the last decade and the results can not be denied. In addition to team building and giving back to the community, employees are happy, motivated and driving overall performance. All Together Now, is our employee engagement program. Established by the employees and ran 100% on a volunteer basis, it is a true testament to the people who work at HPS. In our Aiken and Centralia facilities, management takes time to grill steaks and serve employees when they hit a big milestone. In Shanghai, China, employees gather to play badminton on their lunch break. In Leeds, they're a little rowdier; they go white water rafting and are currently starring as the Hubbell Soccer team. The program and its activities focus on fun, community impact, fitness and skill building. Leeds, Alabama employee, CharisMcLaren shared her thoughts on employee engagement, "Hubbell is a big company, but it still feels like it is family-owned. It's a great thing to know we all work hard, but make time to have fun as a team."

How do you rally your troops? Email your stories and photos to

Source: AON Hewitt, Trends in Global Employee Engagement. Dale Carnegie, The Importance of Employee Engagement.


Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to

HPS Leeds Soccer team

HPS Columbia volunteering at a local homeless shelter

Weekly game of badminton in Shanghai, China

At Hubbell Power Systems, we’ve always felt that our people are

what make the difference. We celebrate them as much as possible!

Aiken open house

Aiken open house


easy-on cutout bracket Quick and easy three-step installation

Assembled bracket removed from box

Bracket placed over the crossarm

FEATURES: Mounts single cutout, arrester or cable terminator on crossarms | Direct replacement for NEMA B Bracket applications No nuts to remove and reinstall | No bracket to assemble BENEFITS: Safety enhancement - can be installed by crews with rubber gloves | Improved fit - bottom adjustment slot aids in snugging bolts to fit crossarm height | Easy installation - factory-assembled bracket installs directly onto crossarm

For more information, contact your territory manager.



ohio brass ® Silicone PDI ™ Insulator for coastal and highly contaminated areas

Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. has extended its PDI Insulator offering to include Silicone which provides greater protection in corrosive environments. Silicone rubber compounds have a high degree of hydrophobicity and high resistance to ultraviolet energy and heat, making the PDI the Insulators of choice.

For more information, visit





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