Tips & News - December 2012

Tips & News - December 2012

VOL. 16 NO. 4 | DECEMBER 2012 www. hubbe l l powe r s y s t ems . com ENDURING PRODUCTS AND PEOPLE YOU CAN DEPEND ON. TIPS NEWS CORONA RINGS Introducing Universal Corona Ring NEW Tool Catalog NEW Video on USA Anchors FULL LINE Aluminum Hardware In this issue:



Hubbell Power Systems presents the new unidirectional corona ring for the Quadri-Sil ® Insulator product line. This corona ring design allows for easier and faster installation in the field.

LINE POST AND SUSPENSION INSTRUCTIONS For insulators with one ring, the ring must be installed on the Live/Line End of the insulator. For insulators with two rings, the ring of greater diameter must be installed on the Live/Line End, and the smaller one must be installed on the Ground/Tower End. The corona ring is a device for protecting the polymer housing from the effects of corona. Not following these instructions correctly may decrease the life expectancy of the insulator. 1. Loosen the hex bolt, but not completely, in order to install the corona ring. 2. Slide the ring assembly over (onto) the lip or CSR (Corona Shielding Ring) ensuring the Bottom Clamp is resting between the first shed and the CSR, with the head of the hex bolt facing away from the polymer sheds. 3. Torque the hex bolt to 10 ft-lbs (not to exceed 15 ft-lbs) to secure corona ring to the end fitting. If a torque wrench is not available, tighten the bolt until the lock washer is flat.

The corona rings are available for Suspension (8”, 12” and 15”diameter) and Line Posts (12” diameter). Other sizes to be introduced in 2013 for other Quadri*Sil Insulators. The unidirectional rings are made of high grade aluminum alloy, making them strong, light and corrosion resistant. If you have any questions concerning this new addition, please contact your local sales representative.

TheUniversal Corona Ringwill become standardon all Quadri*Sil Insulators beginning in early 2013!

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The Quadri*Sil insulator by Hubbell Power Systems. Designed to weather decades of unpredictable environmental elements.

The revolutionary four-point sealing system prohibits moisture intrusion and patented design features provide unrivaled durability and reliability.

• A patented redundant sealing system • Proprietary silicone-rubber compound • Integral corona shielding ring (CSR) • Direct bond design • Uniform radial crimp method We offer our customers the most advanced products, solutions and expert technical as- sistance, before and after purchase.

Today’s environment is unpredictable. Your insulator can’t be.

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HUBBELL POWER SYSTEMSWELCOMES TRINETICS® TOOUR FAMILYOF BRANDS Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. announces its acquisitionof Trinetics®Founded in1968, Trinetics is a leadingsupplier forpower factor correction, voltagecontrol,metering, lightingcontrol and feeder control that arewidelyusedbyelectricutilities, co-operatives, andmunicipalities aswell as avarietyof commercial and industrial applications.

Likeall HPSbrands, Trinetics supportsour promiseof enduringproducts andpeopleyou candependon.

NEWRESOURCES Visit the Video Library on the Hubbell Power Systems website to view two recently updated videos: • In theZone: Equipotential Grounding for De-energizedConstructionandMaintenance We are pleased to announce the new color edition of our Chance® tool catalog. Nowwith larger fonts, easier bulleted descriptions and larger pictures. Order today at literature/request/. Complete the shipping information and select the box as notedbelow. • Equipotential GroundingSeminar

STORMSOLDIERS Thankyou for all of thesupport youhaveshown for the Hubbell Power Systems StormSoldiersdocumentary. Todate, the trailer hasbeenviewedmore than22,000 times andwe arestill receiving footage fromfans and linemencommunities across thecountry. The full-length featuredocumentary is scheduled for release inJanuary2013.


HPS TRADESHOWCALENDAR JAN–MAR2013 JAN —Distributech, | SanDiego, CA | Booth631 FEB —TechAdvantage |NewOrleans, LA | Booth1047

PRINTONDEMAND InJanuary2013, HPS literaturemoves toanonline, print-on- demandstorefront. Those interested in requesting literature, candoso just likeyouwouldonane-commercesite, although our literaturewill continue tobesuppliedatNOCHARGE. To orderHPS literature (includingcatalogs, posters andvideos) clickon the "request literature" tabonourwebsite.



Visit our manufacturing facilities in Centralia, Missouri AN OPEN H U B B E L L P R E S E N T S • Most modern manufacturing capabilities • Unparalleled capacity • Lean manufacturing processes • Serving electric utility and communications markets • CHANCE ® anchors and pole-line hardware Hubbell Power Systems (HPS) continues to lead the electric utility and telecommunication industries in supplying anchors, helical foundations and pole-line hardware. More than 100 years ago it started with one factory in Centralia, Missouri. HPS now is a global company, growing to meet customer demands for quality and product line breadth in keeping with our proven track record and reputation. INVITATION

• ISO 9001:2008 Certified • RUS Listed • Strategic central warehouse • Unrivaled storm response and sales demand • High inventory position

• Extensive domestic manufacturing capability • In-house forging, galvanizing, welding, stamping • Each product backed by warranty and liability insurance • Anchors stamped with tracking number • Expert engineering and support staff • Industry resource for application and installation training

Contact your Territory Manager today. Request a copy of our factory tour video or better yet, visit us and see the Hubbell Power Systems advantage in action.

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Got Aluminum ? Introducing our FULL LINE lightweight support system for TONS of your distribution equipment For more details on CHANCE ® Aluminum Distribution Mounting system, contact your Hubbell Power Systems repres



You Bet!

BRACKETS FOR MOUNTING . . . • Arresters • Cable Terminators • Capacitors • CT Metering • Cutouts • Metering Cabinets • Primar y Metering • Reclosers • Regulators • Riser Pole Conduits • Sectional izers • Single-Phase Switches • Transformers AND POLE ACCESSORIES . . . • Apitong Crossarm Braces • Banding for Non-Wood Poles

ntative or see our new consolidated Catalog Section 5B at


for any soil. TOUGH ENOUGH

Chance ® Tough One ® Anchors give users high-strength anchor capability in all soils.

• Works with standard PISA ® Rods

• Withstands impacts and absorbs stress

• Smooth penetration into soil

• Reduces the possibility of collapsing trailing edge during installation

• Helix engages soil quickly, reduces installation time, improves frost penetration.

For details on all Chance ® Anchors and installing tools, contact your HPS Territory Manager and/or visit our web site:


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Hot Box ® enclosures by Hubbell Power Systems are the pipe, pump and valve protection products asked for by name. Our enclosures are engineered to withstand the environment, theft, and whatever mother nature throws their way. ASSE 1060 certification is standard on all base models, and enclosures are available for any installation including dual 10” OS&Y. For more information on our complete line of ASSE certified enclosures, visit or call us at 800.346.3062. BUILT TO LAST IN ANY ENVIRONMENT.

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on USA anchors NEWVIDEO

Now playing online: Why CHANCE® anchors should be your anchors.

Provenmanufacturing and delivery systems: • State-of-the-art production methods. • Deep inventory ships from Centralia, Missouri. Proven product quality:

• Steel traceable to source and our mill specs. • Field-preferred anchors and installing tools. Proven dedication to your business: • Supplier to electric utility/communications markets for 100 years. • Plant is vertically-integrated for storm-service response.

Enduring products and people you can depend on. NEVER COMPROMISE ™

CLICK HERE to view new video on CHANCE ® Anchor Quality at or contact your Hubbell Power Systems representative for more details.

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B U S H I N G S & T E S T T E R M I N A L S


PCORE ® SET-Terminals:

• Like all PCORE Test Terminals, the new and improved SET- Terminal is used for faster, safer & more cost effective dielectric testing. • The PCORE SET-Terminal has a rated static cantilever strength of up to 2500 ft-lbs; more than 300% higher than existing models. • Can absorb high shock loading in excess of 500g with side blades in the open position. • Available in four commonly used designs and rated up to 3,000A. PCORE ® PRC & POC Bushings: • PCORE conducted the HIGHEST level of the time history shake-table test on a 345kV POC Series II bushing. The bushing successfully passed the test per the IEEE 693-2005 standard. • PCORE POC Series II bushings can withstand an acceleration of 2g and a top acceleration of more than 6g; the HIGHEST in the industry. • IEEE 693-2005 dictates the seismic test requirements of substation equipment including bushings; therefore,

– PCORE 15kV to 69kV bushings are qualified by the static pull test.

– PCORE 115kV to 345kV bushings are qualified to the HIGHEST performance level by the time history shake-table test (includes qualification by group).

PCORE ® Bushings & Test Terminals by Hubbell Power Systems

For more information about PCORE products & services, contact your local Hubbell representative, call our factory at 585-768-1200, or visit:




DIAMETER FUSE LINKS • Easier to install than single-tail fuse links in large sizes • Available for 140 Amp and 200 Amp Type K and Type T fuse links • Soild-head and removable-head styles are available • Standard 23” or optional 26” lengths are available TWIN-TAIL COMPATIBLE 200-Amp Fuseholders • Easily install one tail under the clamp on each side of the stud • Preferred by lineworkers, helps get the job done faster • Stainless-steel clamp comes on all Chance ® 200-Amp fuseholders


For our entire distribution switching line up, visit us at

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UltraVacLT 15kV vacuum capacitor switch

The smallest, lightest, capacitor switch in the fleet.

Can be configured for coastal and other high

contamination environments

UltraVacLT Features: • Lightweight • Low profile • Low current solenoid • 200A, 15kV; 95kV/110kV • Maintenance free • Best in class C2 re-strike free • Compliant with ANSI C37.66-2005 • Ultra flexible • Manual open and close handle/indicator

Mechanism designed either for vertical or horizontal mounting

Mounting bracket is 290° adjustable to fit site requirements

Patent Pending

For more information, contact your territory manager or visit

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From the originators of the die-less system


Now with an 18 volt battery to give you more power longer!

• • •

Conductor Range- #10 Str. - 750 MCM Al/Cu Four-nib die-less head with 360 degree rotation

One-hand operation

• Enhanced ergonomic design with a cushioned, more rounded handle • Lithium-ion batteries for consistent, high-strength power • Kitted solution—high impact plastic case and lanyard strap

For more information, contact your Territory Manager

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Always Prepared

The Hubbell Emergency Action Team, (H.E.A.T) delivered over 3.8million products to 16 states ravaged by super storm Sandy. Prior to Sandy making landfall, HPS ramped up production of critical items, working around the clock. Ken Carlson, VP of Sales andMarketing Services stated, “Our ability to swing into action helped get the lights back on for over 8million electric customers on the East coast. Wemaintain an unmatched inventory position in the industry to ensure storm response needs aremet without disrupting standard operating practices. Productionwill progress well beyond year-end to continue tomeet stormand day-to-day demands of our distributor partners throughout North America and internationally.”

Distribution Center When the power goes out, your customers expect results – fast. Our 400,000 square foot distribution center is centrally located in Centralia, MO. We are your 24/7 emergency response during hurricanes, ice storms andmajor disasters. 14 years of service and counting; rest assured, we are here when you need us most. - Fastest storm response in the industry - Largest stock inventory in the industry with over $45million invested - 6500 SKUs in stock and over 40,000 product SKUs received, stored, and shipped each year - 99.9% shipping accuracy

The HEAT Team

Make Hubbell Power Systems part of your storm response team. When a storm is moving, customer service is too! HEAT works alongside our distributor partners and customers to dowhatever it takes to get product where it's needed. Based in Centralia, MO, the HPS customer service teamprovides centralized support for more than 40,000 products and around- the-clock coverage during storms and natural disasters. Visit to learnmore about our storm coverage, inventory management, logistics and best-in- class practices.

One team, one call for enduring products and people you can depend on.


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VOL. 16 NO. 4 | DECEMBER 2012

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