Tips & News - August 2015

Tips & News - August 2015

ENDURING PRODUCTS AND PEOPLE YOU CAN DEPEND ON. TIPS NEWS Vol. 19 No. 1 | AUGUST 2015 www. hubbe l l powe r s y s t ems . com

New-Age Technology Age-old Service That’s what you get when you use our dedicated communications customer service team. Learn more about HPS communication products on pg 24-27 and meet other members of the HPS customer service team on pg 17.

In this issue: Opti-Loop ™ Storage Systems | H.E.A.T. Team | New Acquisitions | Emergency Preparedness

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In The News

Congratulations to the Leeds, Alabama facility on earning ISO certification. Specifically, the facility has met the standards for ISO9001:2008, which outlines requirements for Quality Management Systems. According to the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) website, the 9000 family of certifications “addresses various aspects of quality management and contains some of ISO’s best known standards. The standards provide guidance and tools for companies and organizations who want to ensure that their products and services consistentlymeet customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved.” ISO certification is an achievement customers have come to expect – and in some cases require – of their suppliers. “This achievement is thanks to the dedication of the team in Leeds, and the collaboration of every business unit and department,” commented Quality Manager Gary Kissick. “Fifteen months ago we began the process of creating the necessary procedures, implementing documentation, training employees and developing our Quality System. Our hard work paid off with our passing our accreditation audit with zero ‘findings’ on our first try.” About ISO ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the world’s largest developer of voluntary International Standards. International Standards give state of the art specifications for products, services and good practice, helping to make industry more efficient and effective. Developed through global consensus, they help to break down barriers to international trade. LEEDS, ALABAMA FACILITY EARNS ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFICATION

weather warriors

coming fall 2015

HPS Family Continues to Grow On November 18, 2014 Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. acquired RFL Electronics, Inc. Founded in 1922 and located in Boonton Township, New Jersey, RFL is a leading supplier of rugged communications and protection systems, primarily for substation applications at electric utilities. See page 6 for more information. On January 21, 2015, Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. acquired substantially all of the assets of the Acme Electric and Turner Electric business divisions of Power Products, LLC. Turner Electric is a leading manufacturer of high voltage, air insulated disconnect switches for electric substations and transmission lines. See page 4 for more information.

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Welcome to the Hubbell ® Family


On January 21, 2015 Hubbell Power Systems (HPS) made its fifth acquisition in 12 months. HPS continues its pattern of growth, acquiring a substantial amount the assets from the Acme Electric and Turner Electric ® (Turner) divisions of Power Products, LLC. Turner Electric is a leading manufacturer of high voltage, air insulated disconnect switches for electric substation sand transmission lines. They are also a leader in key switch accessories such as automated motor operators and vacuum interruption devices. Turner Electric and its 60 employees are located in Edwardsville, IL. “We are pleased to have Turner join the Hubbell Power Systems organization,” commentedHPS President GerbenBakker. “Turner Electric’s high voltage transmission switches, motor operators, and vacuum interrupters are a natural compliment to Hubbell’s USCO brand of substation switches. More importantly, Turner Electric brings a proven team of individuals with strong technical skills and a high degree of dedication. We are excited to have them on board.” With the inclusion of Turner Electric into the HPS family of products, our customers gain access to a more complete portfolio of solutions. Turner Electric’s product line is well known for servicing the transmission market, rounding out Hubbell’s offering for the transmission, substation and distribution markets.

The integration of Turner Electric’s products, coupled with a deep new product development schedule speaks to Hubbell’s dedication to product improvement and innovation. Turner also brings an excellence in engineering to the table with its TECO-Rupter ® vacuum interrupter, offers a more environmentally friendly device than some competitive designs, which use SF6 gases. “The vacuum interrupter is a very technical product. It’s difficult to engineer, produce and make reliable. The other option is a process that uses greenhouse gas.” says Bundren “Utilities are monitoring their greenhouse gas usage so they want to use something that’s clean, and that’s vacuum.” The acquisition also broadens the geographical reach of both companies’ products. “Geographically and product-wise they’re a good fit.” explains Jason Bundren, Utility Automation Business Unit Director, “Turner Electric is well known for interrupting devices, domestically and internationally. They do well in Europe, Canada and also Latin America. It’s a very strong brand name.”


how do i migrate from 4-wire leased lines to a leased

T1 or Ethernet Service? RFL manufactures products that include: multiplexers, powerline carrier systems, control and telemetry technology, teleprotection, and protective relaying systems. RFL has joined the HPS Utility Automation line of products.

The Scenario Telephonecompanieswillnolongersupport4-Wireaudioleased lines starting as early as 2015. This presents an issue for utilities currently operating their line voltage protection or SCADA equipment via 4-Wire analog leased line communications. In some scenarios, full or fractional T1 leased digital data service lines are available for a nominal monthly fee. In other scenarios, leased Ethernet service lines are available at a lesser monthly fee than T1 leased lines. Utilities are looking for a path forward that minimizes operational impact, requires little engineering, and assures comparable security and& dependability for their protection and SCADA signaling. See figure 1. The Solution For leased T1 lines, RFL ® offers a T1 multiplexer with various interfaces including 4-Wire audio that will allow utilities to continue to operate their protection and SCADA equipment with the same security and dependability. Other options include the replacement of the 4-Wire analog interface with an RS-449, V.35 or C37.94 digital interface to work over the same T1 multiplexer. See figure 2.

For leased Ethernet lines, RFL ® offers an IP Access Multiplexer with various interfaces including 4-Wire audio, RS-449, V.35 or C37.94 interfaces for the operation of legacy services over Packed-Switch Networks. The IP Access multiplexer will allow the operation of the protection and SCADA equipment with either 4-Wire analog interface or digital interface over the leased Ethernet service with the same reliability as that of the 4-Wire leased line. See figure 3. The Results Both the T1 multiplexer and the IP Access Multiplexers allow the migration of the protection and SCADA equipment to a digital communications link. This improves tolerance to analog noise that candisrupt operation, thereby improving thedependability of the protection and SCADA system. These field-proven substation solutions ensure out-of-box performance without the need to replace the units or rewire peripheral devices connected to the protection or SCADA equipment.


Related Products EXMUX 3500

IMUX 2000 T1

The RFL ® IMUX 2000 T1 Multiplexer is a communications platform designed to transport mission-critical signals reliably between substations and control centers. Designed for harsh environments and mission-critical infrastructures, the IMUX 2000 family of products enables power utilities to deliver power safely, reliably and cost effectively, guaranteeingmission-critical traffic signals arrive on-time, every time.

The RFL ® eXmux 3500 is a substation hardened IP Access Multiplexer engineered to modernize substation communications infrastructure. Using high-speed IP transport, the eXmux platform is designed to seamlessly converge legacy Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) devices with IP-based voice, video and data between substations and control centers, guaranteeing mission- critical traffic signals arrive on-time, every time.

For more information on RFL ® or our products, please visit or call 973.334.3100


Troubled by leased lines obsolescence? Telecom companies nationwide have announced they will no longer offer 4-wire leased lines. The decommissioning of these analog lines threatens to render your equipment obsolete.

It’s not the end of the line. We recognize that your needs change more often than your infrastructure, so we are continuously innovating to give legacy equipment the advantage of today’s technologies. Our comprehensive line of solutions lets you continue to operate your existing equipment while expanding your communications capabilities.

Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. welcomes RFL ® to its family of quality brands. For more information visit to see how you can preserve the interoperability of your legacy equipment.


when less MEANS MORE Trinetics ® UltraVacLT ® Vacuum Capacitor Switch

Lightest | Corrosion-resistant | Tank-less one piece design | Best-in-class performance

Hubbell Power Systems introduces the UltraVacLT ® series, the next generation of Trinetics ® vacuum solid-dielectric capacitor switches. It features a unique, corrosion-resistant, compact, one-piece design. With a eld-proven capacitor switching vacuum interrupter and low-powered solenoid operator, it is the lightest at less than 25 lbs, yet the most reliable and robust capacitor switching solution in the industry.

For more information, visit ultravaclt-vacuum-solid-dielectric


Emergency prepared And the importance of equipment repositioning


Storm feature

Reprinted from Storm Reconstruction: Rebuild Smart by permission of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association.

In recent years, the U.S. has been faced with several different types of natural disasters from devastating floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes to Super storm Sandy. These disasters have made us rethink how to ensure


the safety and reliability of our infrastructures and facilities.

As a result, in 2008, article 708, Critical Operations Power Systems (COPS)was added to theNFPA70National Electrical Code ® (NEC) to provide mission critical facilities with a higher level of protection so that in the event of an emergency, these facilities will still function. The NEC mandate applies specifically to vital facilities that, if destroyed or incapacitated, would disrupt national security, the economy, public health, and safety. These facilities include hospitals, police and fire stations, emergency call centers, and government facilities involved in national security. In some cases the directive is applied to a specific area within a facility which is the designated critical operations area (DCOA). In others, the entire facility will be designated as a critical operations area. However, implementing some of the protective measures included in the NEC mandate can be very expensive. How can organizations that are not required to comply with it determine which of these measures is most worthwhile? A reliability assessment will enable facility managers to think beyond getting the power equipment back up and running. It can lead to longer term considerations such as the reliability of the power distribution system and all utilization equipment, including HVAC, pumping, and communication systems supported by power equipment. Facility managers must consider the reliability of power and critical equipment relevant to environmental factors, as well as possible external threats and how to function and maintain the appropriate and necessary levels of reliability.



Relocating or Repositioning of Equipment Substation equipment is manufactured to meet standards, such as those developed by NEMA and the American National Standards Institute, and will perform in a wet environment, but cannot be submerged. The key is keeping the energized parts separated fromthe non-energized parts. The substation needs to be protected from floodwaters either by barriers or built high enough to withstand storm surge. As a rule, higher voltage switches are mounted 10 feet off of the ground, allowing switch operation if the station is still energized. Breakers, transformers, and metering inside the switch houses are also susceptible to flood damage. Utilities should consider if it is more cost effective to build substations to withstand severe events or build them so they can be repaired or re-energized quickly. Taking distribution of power from overhead to underground is relevant for areas not prone to storm surge. While it is costly to build underground infrastructure, it does eliminate the added costs for replacing poles, anchors, and hardware. Underground infrastructure is more resilient to high-wind conditions. The trade-off is higher maintenance and repair costs. In areas where underground location is not a viable solution, moreswitchingpoints, and insomeareas, auto-restoration, can be added. This segments the system into more manageable sections, isolating damage and allowing service to be restored more quickly to smaller areas, rather than waiting until much larger areas are repaired. Relocating transmission infrastructure is not feasible, however, stringing higher voltage lines and incorporating Smart Grid or sensory equipment will help identify and isolate problems faster, which allows utilities to expedite recovery.

Roadmap Recommendations It is important that when implementing any recommendations for systemhardening or stormpreparation that there is a direct correlation between average repair costs due to storms versus the investment of building or relocating new infrastructure. Create a national standard for equipment and structures in vulnerable areas. Although there are standards that equipment and structures must meet to carry certain voltage levels, there isn’t a national rating standard for equipment in areas highly susceptible to storm damage. Products in these areas should be required to meet higher wind and flood standards to minimize outages and destruction to other equipment. Standards should also include the frequency in which products and poles/structures are inspected for damage or corrosion.


Storm feature

Work with other organizations and government offices to create a unified emergency storm response plan. If access to roads is obstructed, linemen and other emergency responders can’t repair the damage to power lines. Therefore, it’s necessary to communicate with appropriate departments to ensure that there is a cohesive plan in place for natural disasters, accounting for damaged or fallen communication lines. Determine the cost effectiveness of implementing changes to infrastructure. In areas that see little or infrequent storm damage, it is not cost effective to implement the same measures as in coastal or other vulnerable areas. The cost to end-users to implement these changes can be vast. A simple comparison of recent storm damage costs versus the investment to upgrade equipment will help determine the areas of focus for repositioning equipment.

Work to harden systems and reposition equipment. After the areas of most vulnerability are determined, consider all viable options to strengthen and reposition the existing equipment to better withstand damaging winds, floods, and ice. Consider elevating equipment above the 10- foot standard in areas susceptible to floods and areas below sea level. Reconfigure equipment on poles to better withstand large gusts of wind. When replacing poles, consider using ones larger in diameter that will have better resistance to wind. In areas with minimal flood damage, consider moving equipment and lines underground to prevent wind and ice damage to lines.


systems- Pow ron ubbell Possibility

Del ivering more than a promise

During a storm, I’m kind of a big deal. In shipping & receiving, I’m responsible

for what comes in, but more importantly, what goes out. My team provides

essential supplies and materials to customers in some of the worst situations

that affect their lives. No one on our team cares that I’m the only woman in

a predominantly male department. We just care about getting the job done.

Our motto is making the impossible, possible.

My name is Edith Hicks-Ogletree. I am the Hubbell Difference.

How can I help you?

To see more about Edith and the rest of the Hubbell team visit eron.

Storm feature

- Storm Hero & D i str i buti on Coord i nator


With storm season upon us, Hubbell Power Systems is prepared and fully stocked with the largest T&D inventory in the industry. We keep a watchful eye on the storm and work around the clock until lines are restored. With the efficiency and performance of our distribution center and the know-how of our customer service team, your customers can get power back, faster. h . e . a . t . hubbell emergency action team


Storm feature

name here phone | title

vicki hinten Customer Service Specialist 573.682.8212

- Distributor Utility Team - 16 years with HPS

misty horton International Customer Service Supervisor 573.682.8508

- Strategic Solutions/Management Team - 5 years with HPS

name here phone | title chris ernst Strategic Solutions Specialist 573.682.8790 - Strategic Solutions Team - 5 years with HPS

name here phone | title Rachel Elliot Customer Service Specialist 573.682.8576 - Civil Customer Service Team - 4 years with HPS

name here phone | title amy wilson Key Account Specialist 573.682.8796

- Alliance Team - 4 years with HPS

name here phone | title Sean hrach International Customer Service Specialist 573.682.8533

- International Team - 3 years with HPS

name here phone | title cyndi rush Customer Service Specialist 573.682.8784 - Distributor Utility Team - 9 years with HPS

tina mcGee International/Canadian Customer Service Specialist 573.682.8394 - International Team - 9 years with HPS - 2015 Excellence in Customer Service Award

name here phone | title kayla Ridgway Customer Service Specialist 573.682.8720

- Distributor Utility Team - 3 years with HPS



Eliminates LIGHTNING Interruptions Protecta*Lite Arresters safeguard transmission and distribution lines by protecting the air around the insulator from lightning related flashovers by safely diverting the surge to ground in a controlled manner. Custom designs are available for applications ranging from 2.4 kV to 500 kV. Protecta*Lite improves line performance, even when faced with adverse environmental conditions. Product highlights include: • Offers protection on shielded or unshielded lines • Improves system reliability • Field proven MOV technology

• Reduces operating costs • Experienced support team

custom solutions

Protecta*Lite is custom designed to meet specific needs for each application. Each Protecta*Lite design takes the following into consideration:

• Supplied with/without an insulator • Supplied with/without hardware • Customer specific energy handling needs • System voltage • Line configuration • Adverse environmental factors - wind, ice, pollution, etc.

features & benefits

• Reduces or eliminates lightning flashover • Costs less than retrofitting an OHSW on existing lines • Installs easily • Maintenance free design • Available for retrofit applications • Supplied with an insulator for new line construction as needed

Significantly improves transmission line performance


Tips of the trade: Choosing the right arrester for your application

system configuration Wye Delta

System Voltage Conductor Size

kV diameter


Insulator Type, Manufacturer, Catalog # Insulator Critical Impulse Flash Over

Included In Design Not Needed In Design



Existing New

tower type

Tubular H-Frame Lattice Guyed Terminal Other

Number of circuits Single Circuit Double Circuit Multi- Circuit

tower dimensions Distance between spans on tower (Horizontal) Distance between spans on tower (Vertical)


pollution level Standard Heavy


preferred arrester attachment point Structure Conductor

preferred arrester class Distribution Distribution Low Station Low IEEE: IEC:

Intermediate Distribution Medium Station Medium

Station Distribution High Station High

To find the right arrester for your application, contact your Territory Manager.


hps underground

Cable accessories • Fully wrapped Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) block modules ensure compliance with all requirements of IEEE Std. C62.11, including safe failure mode • Provides excellent protection against lightning or switching surges • Operating interface conforms to figure 5 of IEEE Std. 386 • Fully shielded and submersible, either continuously or intermittently, to a depth of 6 feet (2m) • ID band and stamp on end cap provides clear identification of voltage specifications • Internal contact molded into conductive insert to fully seal the chambers • Stainless steel bracket resists rust and corrosion

Sectionalizing cabinets • Unique cut-away sides provide unsurpassed access to internal hardware • Pivoting cover rotates over 90° allowing complete access from any working angle • Double wind-locks secure cover in harsh weather conditions • Three-phase units feature 0°-25° angle adjustable mounting brackets, making hot stick access easier during installation • Unique vertically oriented penta hasps are available with fully captive hardware, keeping hasp and tools out of surrounding dirt • Extended base utilizes a 10° rake, providing maximum room for cable training

Visit for more information.


clever is thenew smart more control, communication, security

Versa-Tech ® Terminal Unit

Versa-Tech ® II Recloser

Additional features

Secured WiFi, along with SiFLEX and serial communication options | Long range communication via cell modem 44 selectable Time Current Curves, 5 IEEE and 5 IEC curves, and 4 user programmable curves | GPS Time Stamping, Oscillography, Versa-Tech ® Battery Monitoring. system-integration advantages SCADA DNP 3.0 communications via Versa-Tech ® Terminal Unit (NEW) | Enhanced recording features and capability. Cybersecurity features per IEEE 1686-2007 | Firmware compliant with IEEE C37 231-2006

For more information, visit

Download the Versa-Tech ® Recloser Programmer app for iPad



HPS Line Card - visit the l



civil const

• Complete line of arresters for all your transmission, substation and distribution needs • Distribution and station class arresters designed and engineered for durability and reliability and capable of withstanding decades of unpredictable weather

• High strength anchori capabilities in most so • Helical underpinning commercial structure • Tieback and soil nailin • Street and area lighti

• Capacitance-graded bushings, test terminals and bushings repair • Solid dielectric capacitor bushings and custom molded products

insulators & cable accessories



• Insulators and cable accessories for transmission, substation and distribution requirements • Insulator product offering includes suspension & line posts in proprietary OSP and/or silicone rubber formulations

• Enclosures, hand holes and vaults • Ground sleeves and box pads • Equipment pads • Pedestals • Sectionalizing cabinets • Road plates and trench covers

• Temporary-groundin • Hot Line tools • Safety products for tr distribution construct


terature storefront to order

uc tion



g and foundation repair ls ystems for residential and

• A variety of connectors and tools for transmission, substation and distribution applications • Wildlife protectors equipment locks • Splices, deadends, dampers & fittings • Compression tools • Formed wire products • TowerPak ® kitted solutions for transmission assemblies

• Pole line hardware for electric utility & communications • Narrow-profile fiberglass construction • Distribution and transmission guying anchors

helical anchoring systems g foundations systems

• Distribution pole support anchors • Helical foundations for substations, transmission & solar structures

switching & Fusing

utility automation

• Automation-ready distribution switchgear • Reclosers • Resettable sectionalizers • Distribution protection - reclosers, sectionalizers • Pad-mounted switchgear • Power factor correction - capacitor banks, switches and capacitors • Substation and transmission communication and protection products


• Transmission Switchgear • Substation Switchgear • Distribution Switchgear • Interrupters • Cutouts and Fuse Links

nsmission, substation and on and maintenance



RPX ® solutions

RPX ® SUspension clamp Ease of installation allows for faster overall network construction | Has a wide range of angular usage, reducing the occurrences of Double Dead-End applications | Designed for fast installation without the use of a rubber insert Protects the cable from attenuation by not allowing the cable to bend more than 40 degrees from center of clamp

Installation accessories Designed especially for the suspension clamp with easy installation by captivating it onto the hook. The J-Hook offsets so that the suspension clamp cannot slide off if flipped upside-down in high winds.

rpx ® storage loop

Opti-Loop’s fiber cable bend radius management system optimizes the preferential bend of the RPX ® Ribbon Cable while ensuring a stress free environment for the optical fibers.



innovation back-saving introducing the newQuazite ® EZ Locate ™ System

With EZ Locate ™ , you can make locates faster without removing the enclosure’s cover. This two-part system is equipped with a special underground locate station and an easy-to-open access hatch.

Easy access allows locates to be performed quicker. Prevents third parties from accessing mission critical underground infrastructure. The two-step closing process automatically reconnects the ground. Made from stainless steel and high grade thermoplastics, it will not rust. Eliminates back strain from removing large covers. Available as a retrofit kit, or pre-installed in a Quazite ® enclosure. Easily add your own logo.

Faster Secure Auto-Grounded Strong Ergonomic Easily Installed Customizable




Easy to Install: Hubbell’s Opti-Loop ® Storage Systems Making the Grade

The prices for the Opti-Loop ® storage system are competitive and they are easy and fast to install.

-Van powell, Construction Manager, etc communications

ETCCommunications (ETC) inEllijay, GA is a familyownedcompany that has been in business for over 100 years. ETC uses fiber optic cable to provide telephone, cable TV, and high-speed Internet to about 17,000 customers in northern Georgia and southeastern Tennessee. The company uses ‘snowshoes’ to store extra fiber on the line and has been using products from a couple of different vendors. Last fall, ETC gave Hubbell Power Systems (HPS) Opti-Loop ® Storage systems a try and were very happy with the results.

Van Powell, Construction Manager for ETC explains, “There are probably 15 or 20 different companies that make similar systems and we’ve used different kinds in the past. Last year, Phil Peppers, ProCom Sales, brought us five sets of Hubbell’s Opti-Loop storage systems to try them. We put them up, and we like them.” A Good Stretch Cutting and splicing fiber optic cable takes a lot of time, interrupts service to downstream customers and, therefore, needs to be avoided. One way to avoid splicing is to include extra fiber cable in places along the lines, in case the company needs to change out a pole or make a road crossing.

opti-loop ® storage system features

Sizes that will accommodate all types of cable up to 1.50” multiple sizes

Some units can be stacked for even more versatility versatility

Requires only one tool for installation one tool


Compact and lightweight to minimize stress and ice loading on the fiber cable



Easy to Install While snowshoes, in general, solve the problem, the Opti-Loop storage systems have an advantage: they are very easy to install. “There is a twisted aluminum support wire on the poles. That is what holds up the fiber optic cable. We bring in a bucket truck and attach each snowshoe to that cable with a bolt and clamp. The fiber optic cable is attached to the snowshoes with zip ties and along the support wire with lashers (little coils). It only takes about 15 minutes to mount the pair of snowshoes,” says Powell. ETC installed the initial five sets of Opti-Loop storage systems about five months ago and are planning to buy more, when the need arises. “The prices for the Opti-Loop storage system is competitive and they are easy and fast to install,” concludes Powell.

ETC typically includes 25 to 50 feet of spare cable approximately every fifth span. The question is how to store the extra cable. One option is just coiling it up and attaching the coil to the pole, but coils can cause light loss. In a fiber optic cable, information is transmitted by light that travels through the glass fibers in the cable. Some light is lost when the cable is bent, especially when it is cold. “It does get cold here about four or five times a year. And when I say cold, I mean below 10°F. When it got below 18°F, we used to have excessive light loss in our long cable runs with lots of coils. So, we removed the coils and stretched out the extra cable between two storage systems. That solved the problem,” points out Powell. The storage systems have a turning diameter of about 20 inches diameter. Two are installed at an appropriate distance and the cable is stretched between them. This greatly reduces the number of turns--from hundreds to two.



Hubbell TIPS & NEWS is published to inform personnel of electric utilities and associated companies of new ideas and techniques in electric utility and communication practices. The magazine, under different titles and formats, has been published since 1932. Your suggestions, editorial or photographic contributions are invited and may be submitted to TIPS NEWS & ®

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