Hot Box Enclosures (CA07145E)

Hot Box® Catalog Numbering System

1 Type

2 Hot Box Style

3, 4, 5 Width

6, 7, 8 Length

9, 10, 11 Height

12 Color Options***

13 Lights

(Interior Width)

(Interior Length)

(Interior Height)

H-Heated (Hotbox)

A- Sectional Aluminum C-Valve Cover



L-Unheated (Lokbox)


B-(1) 24" light

V-Non- Insulated (Valve Guard)

D-Dura Fold


C-(2) 24" light

G-Glass Pad E-EZ Box

E-Brown (Roks Only)

E-(4) 24" light

F-Flip-Top Fiberglass

G-Dark Green

F-(1) Haz light

G-Glass Pad J- AluminumDrop-over K- Modular Aluminum

L-Smooth Mill Finish Aluminum G-(2) Haz light

L-Low Profile

M-Federal Brown

M-Designer Series

N-Granite (Roks Only)

N-EZ Box w/ doors P-Poly EZ Box



W-White (Sail)

R-Hot Rock Fiberglass V-Vent guard

Specials "500#" Digits 12, 13, & 14

***Note: When no options are needed, no color code is needed for standard colors. With ordering options, if standard color is acceptable, then use an "A" in the 12th digit. See page 51 for details on color and finish options.

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