Hot Box Enclosures (CA07145E)

Code & Specification Requirements

Code and Specification Requirements

The following are samples of building codes and manufacturer's specifications that demonstrate the need for an enclosure to protect infrastructure from freezing temperatures:

ASSE STANDARD #1060 Outdoor Enclosures for Fluid Conveying Components

NFPA 13 Where aboveground water filled supply pipes, risers, system risers, or feed mains pass through open areas, cold rooms, passageways, or other areas

Section 3.2.1: Enclosure is capable of supporting a minimum vertical load of 100 lb./sf. Section 3.3.1: Enclosure has been designed to be accessed and provide sufficient room for monitoring, testing,

exposed to temperatures below 40°F (4°C), the pipe shall be permitted to be protected against freezing by insulated coverings, frost proof casings, or other means capable of maintaining a minimum temperature between 40-120°F (4-49°C).

maintenance, repair or replacement of the component located inside the enclosure.


Section 3.5.1: Depth of water within the enclosure does not exceed 8 inches during full flow of the backflow prevention assembly relief discharge, and that the depth of the water does not exceed 1/4” after full flow has ceased. Section 3.6.1: Enclosures shall contain a heat source capable of maintaining the temperature of the component and associated piping at 40°F (4.4°C) inside the enclosure when subjected to -30°F (-34.4°C ) outside air temperature. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF PLUMBING ENGINEERS-ASPE Data Book: Reduced pressure principle devices, double check valves and vacuum breakers installed in regions subject to freezing must be protected by the insulation of the units in above-ground, heated structures.

Freezing: The plumbing system shall be protected from freezing or overheating. The following conditions shall be met: In areas with seasonal freezing temperatures, all waste, vent and water supply piping in exterior walls and other areas shall be protected from freezing. THE COUNCIL OF AMERICAN BUILDING OFFICIALS (C.A.B.O.) One and Two Family Dwelling Code Freezing: Water, soil, or waste pipe shall not be installed or permitted outside of a building or in an exterior wall unless adequate provision is made to protect such pipe from freezing where necessary. THE SOUTHERN BUILDING CODE CONGRESS International (S.B.C.C.I) Standard Plumbing Code Freezing: A water, soil, or waste pipe shall not be installed or permitted outside of a building or concealed in outside walls or on any place where they may be subject to freezing temperature, unless adequate provision is made to protect them from freezing. In climates with freezing temperatures, plumbing piping in exterior walls or areas subject to freezing temperatures shall be protected against freezing by insulation or heat or both. NATIONAL BUILDING CODE OF CANADA Where piping may be exposed to freezing conditions it shall be protected from frost. THE BUILDING OFFICIALS & CODE ADMINISTRATORS International, In. (B.O.A.C.) National Plumbing Code

INTERNATIONAL PLUMBING CODE® 2015 Section 608.14.1: Outdoor enclosures for backflow prevention devices shall comply with ASSE 1060. AWWA M-14 A reduced pressure backflow assembly must be protected from freezing temperatures, and a double check (backflow) valve assembly must be protected from freezing temperatures.


The backflow prevention assembly must be protected from freezing. WATTS

In an area where freezing conditions can occur, the backflow prevention assembly should be installed in a properly insulated utility building or shelter. 7

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