Hot Box Enclosures (CA07145E)

Frequently Asked Questions

„ Hot Box® Heaters and 1 ½” (R10) insulation are more than sufficient to maintain an interior temperature of 40°F (4.4°C) and protect equipment from external temperatures as low as -30°F (-34.4°C) in accordance with ASSE 1060 3.6.1-3. „ Some competitors require 3” of insulation due to the use of less efficient slab mounted heaters. „ If desired, 3” (R19) insulation is available for an additional fee. Is it necessary to have 3” insulation (R19) in the roof or the walls? „ The slab should be 12” larger than the interior dimensions of the enclosure. The minimum recommended slab thickness is 4". What is the recommended slab size for Hot Box® Enclosures? „ Contractors other than Hot Box® are responsible for the installation of the G.F.I. protected service and receptacles (mounted a min. of 9” above the slab). „ We recommend that each heater be on separate 20 amp circuits. Separate circuits help provide redundancy in the event that one circuit fails. „ All installations must be in accordance with local and national codes. What are the standard heater electrical connection recommendations? „ All standard fiberglass enclosures are suitable for wind speeds up to 120 mph. „ All standard Sectional Aluminum, Dura Fold® and Modular Enclosure sizes up to 36”W x 105”L x 64”H inside dimensions (i.e., LA036105064) and smaller are suitable for speeds up to 120 mph. Standard sizes larger than 36”W x 105”L x 64”H are suitable for use in areas where the design wind speed is 80 mph or less. „ Hot Box® Enclosures have not been certified to meet the wind-borne debris impact requirements in areas within a few miles of the coast (e.g. Florida Building Code). What is the wind load rating for Hot Box enclosures? „ Hubbell can provide a three phase and explosion-proof heater comparable to the conventional heater in the standard Hot Boxes. Longer time lead times and higher costs will apply compared to the regular units. Please contact your local representative or the Hubbell Water Market Customer Service team for further detail. Does Hot Box have three phase and explosion-proof heater options? „ Yes, we can make an aluminum Hot Box with 5052 Marine Grade aluminum (.050" or .125"). Please contact your local representative or the Hubbell Water Market Customer Service team for further details. Is there a marine aluminum Hot Box option? „ Yes, Hot Boxes can be used for many applications including but not limited to Pumps (See Pump Guard Enclosures), Water Tanks, and other valves and fluid conveying devices. Can Hot Box be used for non-backflow applications? „ No, ASSE 1060 requires backflow preventer enclosures not be water-tight so any excess water coming from the backflow can drain through the built in drain ports as necessary. Hot Box enclosures provide the protection needed from the elements. Are Hot Box enclosures water-tight? „ No. We provide Aluminum, Fiberglass, and Plastic options. Is there a Stainless Steel Hot Box option?

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