Hot Box Enclosures (CA07145E)

Frequently Asked Questions

„ Yes, standard Hot Box® Enclosures have been lab tested and ASSE 1060 certified for vertical roof load (100 lbs/ft2) capacities, freeze protection, drainage aptitude and material construction. „ Custom enclosures are not certified to the ASSE 1060 standard due to the timeline required to qualify a new unit. However, custom enclosures are manufactured with the same quality materials and methods as our standard units which meet the necessary requirements set forth by ASSE 1060. Are Hot Box® Enclosures ASSE 1060 certified? This question is best answered by comparing the lowest average winter temperature at your location to the definition of the ASSE Class ratings. See below: Do I need a heated or unheated enclosure, or what ASSE class enclosure do I need? „ Class I - Freeze Protection Enclosures (Heated): Designed and constructed to maintain a minimum internal temperature of 40°F with external temperatures as low as -30°F. „ Class II - Freeze Retardant Enclosures (Insulated Non-Heated): Designed and constructed to be installed in locations with minimum temperature of 33°F. „ Class III - Non-Freeze Protection Enclosures (Uninsulated Non-Heated): Designed and constructed to provide system security for components when freezing temperatures are not a consideration. „ We can create custom sizes with our aluminum sectional and Dura Fold® Enclosures. Please speak with your area sales representative for dimensions. „ Custom sectional aluminum enclosures are limited to a maximum interior width of 117” and a maximum interior height of 106.5” with the length being unlimited. „ Custom Dura Fold® Enclosures are limited to a maximum top surface area of 22 sq ft (3168 sq in) or less and a maximum interior length of 90” and height of 66”. Can you manufacture custom size enclosures? If so, what are the maximum dimensions? „ Due to weight constraints set by ASSE 1060 3.3.3 specification, 44” W x 77 ½” H is the largest removable access panel. „ When a wider opening is required two 36” W x 72 ½” H dual hinged access doors will give you a 72” W x 72 ½” H opening. What is the largest removable access panel? Will field penetrations affect the structural integrity or freeze protection of the enclosure? „ The structural integrity will not be affected when putting holes in an enclosure (maximum size of 12" diameter). However, it is important to not modify any of the corners or seams of a Hot Box (where two different surfaces meet), since this will reduce the structural integrity of a Hot Box® Enclosure. When in doubt or for special requirements, please contact our Customer Service Team. „ To minimize heat loss it is recommended you make the hole ½” larger than the pipe diameter. Then after installation apply expanding foam (found at any hardware store) around the perimeter of the penetration.

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