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ASSE Performance Requirements

Overview/ASSE-Performance Requirements

ASSE Standard 1060 In 1996, The American Society of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE) developed the ASSE 1060 industry standard for outdoor enclosures to cover fluid conveying components. Born from the organization's philosophy of "prevention rather than cure," the ASSE 1060 seeks to protect public health and safety by providing performance requirements to safeguard equipment from freezing, tampering, and vandalism. As a result, the ASSE 1060 standard has been adopted by utilities and Water Authority departments across the nation. To this day, the ASSE 1060 remains the water industry's gold standard. Hot Box® ASSE 1060 Certified All Hot Box standard enclosures meet or exceed the test provisions of the ASSE 1060 standard and proudly bear the ASSE 1060 seal. To achieve the certification, Hot Box enclosures must pass numerous independent material and product performance tests.

Laboratory Test Requirements for ASSE 1060 2006: „ Section 3.1 Air Inlet Test (Class I-V, II-V and II-V) „ Section 3.2 Structural Test (All Classes) „ Section 3.3 Access for Testing and Maintenance (All Classes) „ Section 3.4 Hinged Access Panel Restraints Test „ Section 3.5 Drainage Performance Test (All Classes) „ Section 3.6 Freeze Protection Capability Test (Class I and I-V) „ Section 3.7 Security/Locking Mechanism Test

ASSE Standard 1060 Classes-Which One Do You Need? Class I - Freeze Protection Enclosures (Heated): Designed and constructed to maintain a minimum internal temperature of 40°F with external temperatures as low as -30°F. Class II - Freeze Retardant Enclosures (Insulated Non-Heated): Designed and constructed to be installed in locations with minimum external temperatures of 33°F. Class III - Non-Freeze Protection Enclosures (Uninsulated Non-Heated): Designed and constructed to provide system security for components when freezing temperatures are not a consideration. Hot Box®- Reduced Liability...Increased Credibility Hot Box is the #1 trusted outdoor protection enclosure manufacturer in the industry. Our enclosures undergo rigorous physical, environmental, and internal equipment testing. When an engineer, architect, or contractor specifies or installs an ASSE certified Hot Box enclosure, they know the safety and quality of the enclosure will bring peace of mind and integrity to the entire project.

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