Hot Box Enclosures (CA07145E)

Options: General & Vents

Glass Pad™ Mounting Bases Enclosures

Hot Box® Enclosures can be modified to meet your specific project requirements. Below are many of the options that are available:

„ Standard options include: vents, exhaust fans, alarm and lighting packages, and special colors (see pages 45-49 for details). „ Specialized options include: penetrations, FDC boots, stainless steel anchors, hinged doors, acrylic windows, extra insulation, sound insulation, special voltage heaters, explosion proof heaters/equipment, and different material types like 3003 Mill Finish (.05") or 5052 Marine Grade aluminum (.050" or .125"). Contact your representative for details or other special requirements. Vent Features: „ 4” diameter aluminum fixed blade wall vent with foam rubber winter cover that is sized to be pushed inside the vent itself. It is pliable and soft, molding into the opening without resistance. „ 12” x 12” aluminum fixed blade wall vent with integrated insect screen. „ Winter covers are included to help prevent heat loss in the winter. They slide against the back side of the vent and are constructed of the same stucco embossed aluminum as the enclosure (non-insulated). „ Vent location and quantities vary depending on the size of the enclosure. „ Vents come fully installed. Vent Maintenance: „ Install the winter covers when temperatures hold at 40°F or less for any prolonged period of time. „ When temperatures rise above 40°F, remove winter covers. Winter covers must be removed when a fan is in use.

12" x 12" Square Vent (Outside)

4" Diameter Round Vent

12" x 12" Square Vent-Inside with Winter Cover

12" x 12" Square Vent-Inside without Winter Cover 47

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