Hot Box Enclosures (CA07145E)

PolyRok® (Plastic) Enclosures

PolyRok ® Enclosures


1. Provide applicable GFI protected power, UL STND. 943-NEMA 3R, inside enclosures requiring heat. Mount at least 6” above any discharge point and near the pipe riser on the enclosure access side or install per local code. 2. Pour a full concrete pad 4” thick around valve, allowing a minimum 1” radial space between riser and pad or install on a “Glass Pad™”. 3. Place PolyRok® Enclosure over valve and onto the pad or footer. 4. Mark locking staple. Position on concrete.

5. Use a masonry bit to drill through anchor hinge. Insert concrete screws and bolt firmly to concrete. 6. For heated enclosures using a self regulating heat trace tape, secure tape to valve with pipe ties or fiberglass/electrician’s tape. No pipe insulation is necessary. The PolyRok® Enclosure provides the necessary insulation. 7. Plug the heat source into the specified circuit/receptacle, after verifying proper voltage. 8. Lower and secure staple via pad lock (padlock not included). 43

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