HPS Product Lines

HPS Product Lines




civil construction



• Complete line of arresters for all your transmission, substation and distribution needs • Distribution and station class arresters designed and engineered for durability and reliability and capable of withstanding decades of unpredictable weather

• A variety of connectors and tools for transmission, substation and distribution applications • Wildlife protectors equipment locks • Splices, deadends, dampers & fittings • Compression tools • Formed wire products • TowerPak ® kitted solutions for transmission assemblies

• Pole line hardware for electric utility & communications • Narrow-profile fiberglass construction • Distribution and transmission guying anchors

• Capacitance-graded bushings, test terminals and bushings repair • Solid dielectric capacitor bushings and custom molded products

• High strength anchoring and foundation repair capabilities in most soils • Helical underpinning systems for residential and commercial structures • Tieback and soil nailing helical anchoring systems • Street and area lighting foundations systems

• Distribution pole support anchors • Helical foundations for substations, transmission & solar structures

insulators & cable accessories



switching & Fusing

utility automation

• Automation-ready distribution switchgear • Reclosers • Resettable sectionalizers • Distribution protection - reclosers, sectionalizers • Pad-mounted switchgear • Power factor correction - capacitor banks, switches and capacitors • Substation and transmission communication and protection products

• Insulators and cable accessories for transmission, substation and distribution requirements • Insulator product offering includes suspension & line posts in proprietary OSP and/or silicone rubber formulations

• Temporary-grounding equipment • Hot Line tools • Safety products for transmission, substation and distribution construction and maintenance

• Transmission Switchgear • Substation Switchgear • Distribution Switchgear • Interrupters • Cutouts and Fuse Links

• Enclosures, hand holes and vaults • Ground sleeves and box pads • Equipment pads • Pedestals • Sectionalizing cabinets • Road plates and trench covers

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