Communications Slang Dictionary (CA12055E)


Plastic wrap used to temporarily (at least in concept) cover open splices. Also known as a Slicker A long, round steel bar with a two-in chisel on one end. Also called an Idiot Stick Wood or fiberglass board for temporary pole attachment to aid in off-pole work


Digger Bar

Dog House

Diving Board

Pedestal used to house a node

Dog House

Bullet shaped wooden dowel used to shape lead repair sleeves

Drift Plug

A box for splicing copper drops on a pole

Dry Spot

Flower Pot

Segmented sticks or rods used to pull cable in manhole ducts

Duct Rods

Cable used in communications networks


Visual determination without the use of instruments


Flower Pot

A round handhole

Flying Mary

Messenger clamp supported by another cable and not attached directly to the pole. AKA Flying Dutchman

Flying Mary

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