Communications Slang Dictionary (CA12055E)


A come along wire grip for holding a strand under tension


Bust Anchor

Expanding Anchor

Expanding and tamping bar used on expanding anchors

Bust Anchor


A special type of telephone used by technicians for installing and testing local loop telephone lines. 12-gauge, 2-conductor flat wire with heavy plastic outer jacket used for long spans. Also known as the “auxiliary neutral” Seat with rollers that can be attached to aerial cable for traversing inaccessible cable sections Mythical tool summoned when presence of additional cable length would simplify a situation Wrench with 3/8" on one end and 7/16" on the other. For terminals or opening telecom boxes. AKA Nic Wrench

Butt Set

C Wire

Cable Buggy


Cable Stretcher

Can Wrench

Candy- grabbers

Channel lock pliers. Also called cheaters

Cat Head

Cat Head

A capstan hoist

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