Communications Slang Dictionary (CA12055E)


Round, sealed outdoor aluminum enclosure that houses multiplexing repeaters (T1, DS3) for copper fed span lines

Lobster Pot

Mail Box Clamp

Mail Box Clamp

Messenger ground clamp

When a fusion splicer melts back the fibers instead of fusing them together

Match Head

Meat Hook

A hand line hook

Meat Hook

Mickey Mouse Ears

Corner attachment Bracket

Monkey Face

A pole eye plate

Monkey Poop

Conduit lubricant

Mickey Mouse Ears

Mud Wrench

A shovel

Flat rope with aramid component used to pull fiber in duct work

Mule Tape


Lineman pliers

Wood stick used to separate individual wires / conductors on connecting or termination blocks have multiple pair terminations

Orange Stick

Monkey Face

Test device used to isolate cable faults circa 1920-1950

Owl Wits

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