Cable Accessories (C7)


625CP Connecting Plug

The Connecting Plug is exclusively for joining or connecting two or more 600 A T-bodies or bushing extenders. The Connecting Plug incorporates a straight through aluminum bus for the transfer of current between the mating 600 A T-bodies. To tighten, a 3/8” hex wrench is inserted into broached holes in each end of bus bar.

625BIP Basic Insulating Plug

The Basic Insulating Plug is a key component of every Hubbell 600 A Deadbreak T-body Kit and is required to secure the 600 A T-body in place. The 1” hex located on top of the Basic Insulating Plug doubles as a means of tightening the T-body on to its mating part and also as a capacitive test point.

Note: To have the stud included in the kit, add “S” to the part number. To have the stud pre-installed add “SP” to the part number.

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