CA14006E_Greenjacket Product Catalog

CA14006E_Greenjacket Product Catalog

Wildlife-caused outages are preventable We can help with that

Improve system reliability Asset protection that works

• Prevent damage and outages - extend the life of costly system assets • Eliminate wildlife contact risk points • Remove nesting opportunities: • Avoid fire and flashover risk from introduced foreign materials • Decrease streamer contamination from avian presence • Eliminate food sources that attract problem predatory species

Precise-fit solutions for distribution substations Mitigating wildlife interactions with power systems is a complex challenge. Our team of trusted experts is ready to partner with you.

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A different approach Understanding context and risks are key

Distribution substations exist across varied environments and consist of a wide array of components and configurations.

Cover-up that fits correctly:

• Has a longer service life • Remains in place • Withstands wind and vibration • Doesn’t retain water

• Maintains equipment ratings • Prevents wildlife ingress and contact • Takes less time and personnel to apply • Is less prone to installation errors

Gaps in protection and product fit matter When it comes to protecting electrical components from wildlife interactions, fit and application are critical to success.

Addressing risk factors posed by wildlife can be overwhelming. Poor fitment and gaps are inevitable when product selection is limited to the options found in a catalog. | 3

The value of a precise-fit Greenjacket Solution • The support and expertise of our team of wildlife mitigation specialists • Innovative and proven products with superior performance • Comprehensive, site-specific product installation instructions • On-site technical support available for installations

Over 1,400 distribution substations protected


Meets the performance criteria of the IEEE Std 1656™-2010




for distribution systems rated up to 38 kV




Cover-up works and the best cover-up is precise fit

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